Senin, 30 Maret 2020

Stay at Home

Stay at Home Survival Guide - The Imagination Tree

Begin this new passage with a common phrase: Stay at Home.
This common phrase is related to the worldwide disease named COVID-19. Because of the disease, all students, all workers, all teachers and lecturers, most of the officials, have to stay at home. We have to study from home, teach from home, and work from home. For me, my self, this situation at least let me and my family stick together at home. We manage time together to do each assignment, responsible for each duty and exercise or refresh some things for some times. What's more, after over 5 years I lost my id and password for this website that made me unable to update my passages,  my husband finally found it. Yes, because of staying at home, spending enough time to search and trace, I finally gain my id to update this website, my wonderful virtual home...   

Regarding the current situation, the COVID-19 has effected a lot of changes in our lives. In my online groups, everybody seems to be the reporter and the expert of the disease; everyone tries to inform anything by anyone without checking the truth and the validity of the information. Therefore, for me and my family, it is better to manage our schedule and take a real action. Every one in our family has his/her own schedule to be completed. 

It has been a week for our staying at home. My husband, as a government official, has to do his duty via online application from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm. My kids, they have their own schedule from their schools from 7.00 am to 12.00 am. Meanwhile, I, my self, have to do the households first, then I can do my responsibilities as a lecturer and as a thesis assistant. At night, after isya, we spend our time together by reciting and discussing the holy Al Qur'an and also the Al Hadith, from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm. In the morning, before we have the breakfast, we do some exercises such as stretching and jogging for about a half an hour. Exercises are good for your health, particularly for your respiratory organs. My kids also have their own time to do their favourite, such as playing electone, reading books, playing games, watching movie (only one movie for one day), and many others. 

Above all of the activities, one thing that we should do every day, and for my family every after our pray, it is a prayer.
"Allahumma innii a'uudzubika minal baroshi, wal junuuni, wal juzaami, wamin sayyi'i, al asqoomi."
(HR. Abu Dawud).

Stay at home probably is not easy for some of you. Unfortunately, this is what you have to face it for the next days or months.  So, dealing with this unexpected situation, let's make it as happy as you can by managing your schedule from day to day. You can do some exercises, complete your responsibilities, and also do your favourite one in a while. Just stay at home, don't be panic, don't go for a picnic, and make it asyiiiikkk....😊😊

Minggu, 29 November 2015

Eighteen Years…

Eighteen years…
Of brightness OR blur
Of laugh OR tears
Of sketches OR scratches

Eighteen years…
Of dreams AND thoughts
Of trial AND sweats
Of belief AND prayer

Eighteen years…
For better OR worst
For you, me AND them
For us, here AND after…

*May Allah always keeps us together, here and after…aamiin*

Kamis, 08 Oktober 2015

Chicken Stripes ala Umi Rina

Lama tidak posting makanan, kali ini saya ingin berbagi resep simple dapur Umi Rina dengan bahan dasar ayam. Bagi keluarga yang mungkin sedang bosan dengan bahan dasar daging sapi dan kambing, menu ini bisa jadi pilihan.
Yuuk kita ke dapur...

250 gr daging ayam bagian dada
1 buah jeruk nipis
1 btr telur ayam
100 gr tepung terigu all purpose
50 gr tepung tapioka 
Lada bubuk secukupnya
Garam secukupnya
Gula pasir sejumput jari
Air secukupnya 
Minyak untuk menggoreng

Cara Membuat:
1. Cuci bersih dada ayam, pisahkan dengan kulit dan tulang, iris tipis sesuai selera.
2. Balur dengan air jeruk nipis dan garam secukupnya, simpan dalam wadah tertutup selama 15-30 menit, simpan dalam lemari pendingin (bukan freezer).
3. Keluarkan dari wadah, cuci kembali, tiriskan.
4. Dalam wadah berbeda, campur rata tepung dengan telur, garam, lada, dan gula, aduk sambil dituangi air sampai menjadi adonan yang kalis dan ringan.
5. Masukkan irisan ayam satu per satu, dan goreng dalam minyak panas dengan api sedang.
6. Goreng sampai kekuningan, angkat dan tiriskan.
7. Sajikan hangat dengan saos mayonaise dan sayuran sesuai selera.